A hot day at Mallards Rest in Paradise Valley. A bit smokey, the air hot, the water cool, friendship wonderful. Painting…..extra!

MallardsRest-ParadiseValley Lula
Lovely Lula is such a good girl to have on paint-outs.
MallardsRest-ParadiseValley, Nancy Friend & Teresa
Nancy Johnson and friend showed up and enjoyed the shade with Teresa and Helen.
Ann working on her oil painting.
MallardsRest-ParadiseValley KarenThiel
Karen Thiel Painting
Helen taking a dip. It wasn’t long before Ann joined her.
Helen working on her beautiful silk.
The hot sun doesn’t deter Karen.
MallardsRest-ParadiseValley Teresa Nancy
Pastels, Watercolor and Silk Painting.
I caught Peggy minutes too late. She was off to get lunch.