SMArts Meetings – October 2015 to May 2016

SMArts Meeting May 16, 2016

President Suzan Strobel called the meeting to order and thanked Justine for making the coffee. She asked if someone would take it on for next year or we would have no coffee and have to provide our own. There will be a sign-up sheet for hospitality. Suzan commented that no one had come forth to fill the position of vice president when Grace Dyke steps down. Linda Williams has agreed to be interim vice-president, but the nominating committee will seek someone who would be willing to take the presidency after next year. Entry forms for the July show are due. Suzan reminded people to look at all the rules and regulations since the group will follow them carefully this year. Suzan also passed around a sign-up sheet for help with the art show and reception. Hanging of the works will be July 1 with take-down July 30.

The children’s program at the library will be August 25. Cheryl Genovese is in charge. Contact her if you would like to help. Suzan asked about the needs of the watercolor artists in the group since only one person had signed up for the workshop that had been planned for May. She would appreciate some feedback from watercolorists so SMArts can meet their needs. SMArts is sponsoring an oil painting workshop by the well-known California artist Bryan Mark Taylor August 15-18. His works can be seen on You Tube and have been featured in many galleries and magazines. You can sign up on his website or contact Linda Williams for more information.

Diane Greenwood informed the group that there would be a show of Western Masters—Heart of the West in Bozeman on August 11-13 at the Grand Tree. There will be quick draws also. She will be in booth 52. The Belgrade Community Library is looking for local artists to showcase on their walls. If interested, contact Cindee Parker at or call the library at 388-4246. Also, there will be a Three Rivers Show in July at Zoot.

Helen Donovan has organized the exciting Paint-Out Schedule for the summer and she announced that there will be a second schedule of offerings out next week.

Cheryl Genovese and Maggie Spinelli presented the works that had been brought for the Art Challenge which was Fill the Frame. The artists described their works. The September challenge will be to bring something done at one of the summer Paint-Outs. There is a display at Sola currently and June 4-5 Clyde Aspevig will be at the Brinton Museum in Wyoming.

Suzan introduced the speaker Deborah McKenna who is a member of the Jade Street Portrait Painters and has shown in the Oil Painters of America Salon Exhibit as well as many others. Debra presented a slide show of her journey through her world of art. Members broke for refreshment at the halfway point and then continued through Debra’s wonderful presentation. She inspired all that “Caution clips the wings of those designed to fly.” Following the presentation, the meeting was adjourned at 11:20.

Respectfully submitted by Cheryl Genovese, Secretary.


SMArts Meeting April 18, 2016

Vice President Grace Dyk called the meeting to order at 9:30 and welcomed the fifty members in attendance. She mentioned that the Art Sale/Swap would continue on the tables along the window during the coffee break and after the meeting. Members needed to arrange payments with the sellers.

She thanked Annika Wilson for her work with the library and announced that she is retiring from the position. Maggie Spinelli will take over half of the library from L-Z. Grace also said that she was vacating the position of Vice President after May and asked for anyone who would consider Vice President to contact Susan Strobel, Cheryl Genovese, Shirley, or Grace.

Grace told the group that we had to cancel Bob Phinney as our May speaker because he was to do 2 workshops in drawing and watercolor, but there weren’t enough speakers signed up. Our speaker for the May 16 meeting will be Debra Mckenna.

Under announcements, Grace reminded members that our show at the library will be in July with Scott Jones from the Legacy Gallery as the judge. She asked that members watch the website for additional details and perhaps a call for help. The children’s workshop will be in August and is headed by Cheryl Genovese and Maggie Spinelli. Finally, she mentioned that SMArts has bought the 2 DVD’s of Howard Friedland and Susan Blackwood available to be checked out.

Grace thanked Justine Heisel for doing the coffee and Maggie Spinelli, Kay Raade, Marie Melton, Pat Hamlin, and Louise Payovich for providing the treats.

The Art Challenge for April was a spring theme. Cheryl Genovese and Maggie Spinelli displayed the pieces while the artists talked about them. The challenge for May is to “Fill the Frame” which means decide on the important focus of the painting and do a close-up to make an impact, perhaps even spilling out beyond the picture. For example, a flower that fills the frame and perhaps is even cut off by the edge or a close up of an animal rather than a long shot that requires filling in with extraneous background.

Helen Donvan said the Paint Out schedule is not done yet. She asked if the group preferred the every other Tuesday format as usual and the usual painting spots or would they like to have more community-based paint outs such as the library lawn, the Farmers’ Market, etc. Erin Graf mentioned that the paint out downtown last year wasn’t well attended. Helen said that there could be two schedules: one more traditional with settings out of town and one more community based. Helen will ask Priscilla to put information on the website and asked for people to send more comments.

Following the break, Grace introduced the speaker watercolorist Rose Toth who described her experiences illustrating two children’s books and her journey with sketchbook journaling. She incorporates calligraphy as design elements with her paintings in her journals. Rose brought examples of her journals and other books on journaling and had two posters of the pictures for the books.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:20.

Respectfully submitted by Cheryl Genovese, Secretary


SMArts Meeting Minutes for March 21, 2016

President Susan Strobel called the meeting to order and thanked Justine for getting Pat Hamlin to do the coffee and thanked Joan Pribanic, Marcia Raches, and Teresa Kelly-Tagas for the refreshments. Pat asked for volunteers to take over the coffee duties, and Susan passed around a sign-up sheet for additional refreshment help for April and May. Annika Wilson said that she can no longer do the library position with Grace Dyk, so we really need someone to help there. The sign-up sheet also had a place for volunteers for this position. Susan announced the formation of a nominating committee to find a replacement for Vice President Grace Dyk who wants to step down in the fall. She asked for anyone with suggestions or interest to email or talk to her. The Art Challenge for March was to produce two 10 minutes works, one in high key and one in low key on the same subject. Cheryl Genovese and Maggie Spinelli showed the ones that had been turned in and had the artists comment on them. The April challenge will be a spring theme. Helen Donovan will organize the summer paint-outs and called for any suggestions for different venues, reminding people that they need to have bathroom facilities. President Strobel said that Rose Toth will speak at the April 18 meeting about the work she has done on her sketching journals and the two children’s books she has illustrated. Also, in April the Art Sale/Swap will be set out on the tables by the windows. People will need to arrange payments with the buyers. In May, the drawing and watercolor artist Bob Phinney will speak to the group and do two workshops: a 1 ½ day drawing workshop Monday afternoon May 16 and Tuesday the 17th for $120 and a 3 day watercolor workshop on Wednesday, May 18th and continuing on the 19th and 20th for $240. For information or registration for either contact Linda Williams at  Susan then introduced Steve Huston, a native of Alaska and now Bozeman resident. He has taught anatomy, life drawing, and composition at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena where he received his degree. He has been an illustrator and instructor for artists and animators at Disney, Warner Brothers, and Dreamworks. In 1995 he began his career as a fine artist and now exhibits widely. Steve talked about the function of art to make the world come together into one cohesive whole—to make sense of one corner of the world. He said that the two major components are to establish gesture and structure. Steve gave a very thoughtful, informative discussion of using consistent craft to take subject matter and reduce it to a major idea that the artist wants to show in the work. The meeting was adjourned at 11:30.

Cher Genovese, Secretary.


SMArts January 25th Meeting, 2016

President Suzan Strobel welcomed members and told them how enjoyable the December brunch had been and hoped that more people would attend next year. She thanked Grace Dyk and Annika Wilson for help with the library. She also thanked Justine Heisel for the coffee and Carol Barmore and LeeAnn Ramey for treats. She circulated a sign-up sheet for treats for the rest of the year. Under announcements, President Strobel said that the library is seeking proposals for the 2017 Atrium Gallery Exhibition Series. Selections are made by the Library Art Committee, and the proposals are due by April 30, 2016. The Montana Watermedia Group has announced that there will be a juried show—the 34th Annual National Juried Exhibit in the Bigfork Museum of Art and History. The deadline for entries is June 1 and the details are on the Montana Watercolor Society website. The show will run from September 30 to October 29.

The challenge for January was to do either a warm or cool snow scene. Cheryl Genovese and Maggie Spinelli displayed the works while the artists described their media and motivation. The challenge for February is the L composition. March’s challenge will be to do two renderings of the same subject very quickly, making one high key and one low key.

Suzan announced that February’s speaker will be Paul Turkis, a watercolorist from Livingston, who was the first ever Artist-in-residence in the Missouri Breaks. He paints landscapes and wildlife. After a break for refreshments and set-up, she introduced Greg Scheibel who is an oil painter with works in many prestigious galleries and who has won a number of awards including the Award of Excellence from the Oil Painters of America. He lives in Bozeman. Greg brought two large paintings and the studies that had inspired them. After describing his technique of rendering the study and then completing the finished painting in his studio and then answering questions, he did a live study of a mountain scene from a photograph and two pencil drawings. The new camera enabled everyone to see the easel, and he continued to answer questions as he painted. At 11:15 the meeting adjourned.

Cheryl Genovese, Secretary.


SMArts Meeting November 16, 2015

President Susan Strobel welcomed members and called the meeting to order at 9:30. She thanked Justine Heisel and Marcia Wendel and Eileen Tenney for coffee and refreshments. She also thanked those who helped set up including Norman Dusenberry and Maggie Spinelli. Susan reported on the video camera purchase from F-11 and the training that they gave her and Cheryl Genovese. The cost at about $550 included the camera, tripod, adaptor, a small case, and a memory card in case we want to record demonstrations at someone’s studio and have it as a back up in case a speaker cancels. In old business, Susan reported that there are not smaller storage units now available at $35.00 a month but that we would be contacted when one is available. She reiterated our earlier plan to keep the metal panels and lights for member use and downsize the rest. Cheryl Genovese moved that we downsize to a smaller unit as it comes available and downsize the contests, keep the unit for a year, and then reevaluate whether member use warrants continuing the expense. Maggie Spinelli seconded, and it was unanimously approved. This month’s art challenge was using a limited palette. Cheryl Genovese and Helen Donovan held up the pieces while the artists described their work. Works included watercolors, oil, acrylics, and fabric painting. There will be no challenge next month because of the carry-in brunch. The next meeting is the carry-in on December 21 at 9:30. Members are asked to bring something to share and a painting or other work to exchange. It is a great time to get to know other members and take home a personalized treasure. Following the break, Susan introduced Aaron Schuerr who kindly offered to present in lieu of Steve Huston, whose parents are having health problems in Alaska. Aaron brought a wonderful selection of his pastels and one oil painting. Aaron describes himself as an artist, actor, and father among other titles, and he uses painting as a way of immersing himself in the moment. He is especially interested in showing the light interplay on the landscape and then having the viewer enjoy his own special moment with the scene. His slide presentation to the members through his trips to Morocco and Ireland. Cheryl Genovese Secretary-SMArts

SMArts Meeting October 19, 2015

President Susan Strobel welcomed members and called the meeting to order at 9:30. She thanked Justine Heisel for the coffee and Marcia Wendel and Pat Hamlin for signing up to help with the coffee and refreshments in the future. Thanks went to Jill Houdashelt and Grace Dyke for today’s refreshments. Susan sent around a sign-up sheet for setting up and taking down the chairs and tables for our meetings and asked that everyone stay a minute after the meeting to put away their chairs. She also passed around a sign-up sheet for a committee to organize speakers for the monthly meetings. We have two speakers lined up and Grace Dyke has spoken to the Montana Watercolor Society for names of people who might be interested in presenting for us. However, the officers would like input from members who have good ideas about future speakers. This month’s art challenge was the fall season. Cheryl Genovese and Helen Donovan held up the pieces while the artists described their work. The two volunteered to continue with the challenge portion of the meeting and issued the challenge of doing a work in only two colors for November. With the two colors, a lot of variation can be achieved through blending. Susan reported on the acquisition of the camera for use with presentations at the library. Because the originally proposed camera did not have enough battery power for a full presentation, she is suggesting a video camera with an adaptor to plug into the VGA cable that the library has wired through to the front. Justine Heisel moved that the group allow Susan to purchase the camera for SMArts’ use. Louise Payovich seconded. The group unanimously concurred. Discussion of the storage unit came next. The metal, fabric-covered panels were expensive and some members want them to be kept for those who want to put on shows. Marge Fehrer offered to take the plywood panels. Members generally felt it was too much expense to keep the unit. Priscilla offered to send out the list of items in storage so people could decide next month. Grace Dyke also offered to put the metal storage panels in her garage so people could use them in the future. Next month, the group will have more discussion and hopefully a decision. Next month’s speaker will be Steve Huston who teaches life drawing and painting, composition, and anatomy and exhibits his drawings and paintings around the country. Finally, Susan introduced Kyle Sims who grew up in Wyoming. He paints wildlife and participates in many shows. Kyle has won several awards in wildlife competition. He presented over 200 slides showing his own background, growth as an artist, and works. The group enjoyed his presentation.

Cheryl Genovese

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