President Eileen Kenney called the meeting to order at 9:30 by; welcoming all and asking new members and guests to introduce themselves. Two new members and two guests made brief introductions. Eileen reminded members that dues are payable and said that Treasurer Shirley Elliott reports a balance of $4209.22 as of October 16.

President Kenney said that she had only gotten 8 responses in the suggestion box and asked people to add their responses today and include ideas for people who do other than 2D media to add suggestions for presenters. She reviewed the responses that she had gotten.

There seems to be an emphasis on the 2-D, painting work, but she said that all mediums are included and we just need to have suggestions from members.
She was unsure of how to handle the monthly art challenge with an even response of people wanting an art challenge and some wanting to bring their current work. Marie Melton shared her fiber art work of aspen trees. Grace Dyk suggested that members doing other media could suggest books in their media for the library to purchase.
Another suggestion was having more workshops available to the membership and some for beginners. Eileen commented that we need a minimum of participating members and suggestions of what kind of workshops members would like to see, how many they would attend, and prices. Please fill out forms and put them in the suggestion box.

In other announcements, Eileen mentioned that LeeAnn Ramey has a show in Livingston at Katabatic Brewery for the next couple of months. There is also a 2017 Open Studio Tour here in Bozeman on October 21 and 22nd, this Saturday and Sunday, from 10am till 4pm. There are 22 artist studios open and you can find a map of the tour online by googling the name. Some SMArts members are involved with the tour.

The Southwest Montana Arts is invited to a lunch meeting following the November meeting in the main meeting room of the Bozeman Library to learn more about the Bozeman Cultural Council, a nonprofit based in Bozeman, which is reviving its work and hope to gauge interest and ideas from artist and community members. Eileen asked for a show of hands of members who might attend the luncheon. The Bozeman Cultural Council is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting and strengthening the cultural assets of the Bozeman area for the benefit of residents and visitors. The lunch meeting will run from 12—1:30 on November 20. It is open to everyone and free of charge,

Diane Greenwood offered a stack of Pastel Journals to members. Finally, the Art with Intention Show will be at the Art Cooperative at the Emerson on November 10.

Before the break, President Kenney introduced Teresa Kelly-Tagas, our webmaster. Teresa showed the features of the website and asked members to contribute pictures and testimonials. Members cans also send notice of an upcoming event at least 2-3 weeks before the event. To have work included, members should submit one piece with their name and the title of the artwork. It should be sized at 1280X720X72, and she would prefer a horizontal image. It may be used in a header or a video. Testimonials should tell why you enjoy being an artist and part of our group. They should be 2-4 sentences. Emails for the website should be sent to

Eileen thanked Marcia Wendel, Connie Luechtefeld, and Marcia Raches for bringing the snacks and Priscilla Westesen for making the coffee.

Following the break, Eileen introduced Lyn St. Clair who is a well-known Montana wildlife and Plein Air artists whose painting have won over 80 awards across the country. Lyn said she got her early training going to dog shows with her mother and doing drawings of dogs and people from life and then selling them for $2. She recommends drawing from life because cameras distort. She painted an oil of a fox that had been the subject of her bronze work.

Before adjourning, Eileen reminded members that the next meeting is Monday, November 20, and our speaker will be DG House, a celebrated contemporary Native American Montana artist. DG is a guest artist in both Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks and her work has exhibited in many well-known museums in Montana, Arizona, Washington, and Indiana. Her website is where you can view her photography and her works. She will be demonstrating at the meeting and talking about the artistic process and what inspires her.

Eileen also told members that the art challenge for next month is wildlife in honor of our speaker. So, bring your wildlife work or if you don’t have a piece, bring a current work you are doing.

Respectfully submitted,

Cher Genovese,


Lyn St. Clair guest speaker for Southwest Montana Arts, SMArts, Bozeman, MT
Lyn St. Clair, guest speaker
Lyn St. Clair Guest speaker for Southwest Montana Arts, SMArts, Bozeman, MT
Lyn St. Clair, Guest speaker, sharing the importance of images.
Lyn St. Clair guest speaker for Southwest Montana Arts, SMArts, Bozeman, MT
Lyn St. Clair, guest speaker, shares her pallette
Lyn St. Clair guest speaker for Southwest Montana Arts, SMArts, Bozeman, MT
Lyn St. Clair, guest speaker, begins laying down color.
Lyn St. Clair guest speaker for Southwest Montana Arts, SMArts, Bozeman, MT
Lyn St. Clair, guest speaker, captivates members with talk and brush work.
Lyn St. Clair, guest speaker, Southwest Montana Arts, SMArts, Bozeman MT
Lyn St. Clair, guest speaker, painting work progress by end of meeting.