President Erin Graf welcomed members and asked them to silence cell phones.

She welcomed any visitors:  Nancy Bailey, Michelle Palmer, Mary Vitola, Barb Lease, Lori Kacht, and Donna Moore.  Erin encouraged them to become members for the next year

She reminded members they still have time to see the Emil Carlsen and Clyde Aspevig exhibitions at the Yellowstone Art Museum in Billings until July 8th.  This Thursday is Clyde’s talk.

There are still a few spots in the T J Cunningham plein air workshop July 9th- 12th  ( 4 day plein air workshop at Spring Hill $425) and the Carolyn Anderson workshop October 1-3 (inside oils especially portraits $600)…these are sponsored by the Bozeman Art Museum, please contact Linda Williams at for more information.

Thomas English will be at Big Sky June 29-July 1 for $195 sponsored by Big Sky Arts and Pastels with Steve Olmstead on August 24-26 and Drawing with Whitney Hall October 5-7.

There is an opportunity to show and sell work at the Dave Ressler Memorial Summer Kick off event in Belgrade June 9th from 10 to 3:30.  The cost for a booth is $20 and there were applications available in the front.

Erin passed around a sign-up sheet for people to display their art behind the desk at the Bozeman Senior Center.

Three May plein air painting days have been announced: MAY 17, Thursday, 9:30-2:30 and MAY 22, Tuesday, 9:30-2:30. Both above are Open Garden/In-town Paint-Outs at Mary Keck’s. Address: 411 North 3rd. Bozeman. MAY 29, Tuesday, 9:30-2:30.  Robin & Gregory Mascari’s Springhill Home. Address 259 Evening Star Lane. Take Springhill Road north 2.1 Miles, pass Sypes Canyon Rd to Sentinel.  Go Right .6 Miles then Left on Evening Star Lane.

Helen is still filling spots for summer paint-outs.  E-mail her with suggestions of good places to paint at  Helen described a possible plein air site at Ruby Habitat August 10-17 with room for 6 artists to stay overnight.  She said there were many possible animal and natural scenes to paint.

Erin reminded people of the July Art Show at the Bozeman Public Library.

All members paid by Dec. 31 of 2017 are welcome to submit an entry to the show.

The judge will be T J Cunningham from Vermont.   Entry form to be mailed by June 15.

Take in for paintings will be June 30th; reception July 11th 5:30-7:00; take down July 28th.

Before the Art Challenge—Spring Surprise—Erin reminded people of the library of books and DVD’s at the back of the room.  There were many paintings and one lovely quilt showing some element of surprise.  The September challenge will feature works from the summer plein air outings.

Before the break, Erin noted it was time to vote for officers for our upcoming year: Pat Hamlin has volunteered to be our President and Linda Williams can stay on as Vice-President; Shirley Elliott as Treasurer; and Cheryl Genovese as Secretary. The vote was unanimous.  She gave a thank you to Yvonne Jewett and Marcia Wendell for the refreshments and Priscilla Westesen for the coffee and tea.

Linda Williams described ongoing work by the Bozeman Art Museum which has taught 12- week sessions on drawings to rural schools this past year and will have a series next school year on adding color for rural schools and drawing for 250 home schooled children.  They will also have summer projects in Belgrade, Livingston, and Bozeman for children.  Next year Peter Hasrick will kick off a speaking series at the Museum of the Rockies on Who Was the Real Yellowstone Series.  There will be 3 in the fall and 3 in the spring.

Following the break, Erin read Calligrapher Beth Lee’s own words:

“I have been making letters since I can remember, and my fascination with them has grown each year. In 1982, I bought a very bad calligraphy set and began in earnest my study of letters and the spaces that surround them. Now, 36 years and umpteen tools and materials later, I understand how much more there is still to learn.

I love words. I love the way they stack tidily or pile loosely together to form the architecture of ideas. Writing stands at the beginning of history and connects mankind across the ages. When I copy an illuminated initial, I better understand the perspective of a 7th century Irish monk. When I write out the poem by Rumi, I connect to the joy he experienced 750 years ago.

The act of writing also connects the unseen world with the physical world. It crystallizes thoughts and allows them to be turned over and examined, tasted and built upon. For me, calligraphy is the physical revelation of the structure of ideas. It is a reflection of the shape, texture and color of the phrases. And it is the integration of words’ texture and color with their meanings.”

Beth said her career began with her love of reading and letters and being detail oriented.  In her 20’s she trained typesetters at a publisher.  She chooses the difficult over the simple and loves the circular design.  She studied with Elizabeth McKee for a year.

Beth defined calligraphy as cali=beautiful and graphy=writing.  She says people think of illuminated manuscripts or fancy writing often.  Hers is neither.  She has done freelance since 1988 for professional institutions and weddings.  She has also done gifts and commissions.  After moving to Bozeman, her work is more global and has included illustrating books and fly rods among many others.  She showed a number of pages of a book she had illustrated for poet Madeline Gomez.  She also had a show in Missoula last fall, and she showed works by others that were done in light or in iron—some building sized.

Beth finished by telling members that Big Sky Scribes is a local guild that puts out a journal and brings in an expert yearly for a workshop.

Questions included the type of materials she uses and the places she finds them.

Her final slide included the following quote:

“Whence did the wondrous art arise
Of painting speech and speaking to the eyes.
That we by tracing magic lines are taught
How to embody and to colour thought.”


Respectfully submitted,

Cher Genovese, Secretary