Southwest Montana Arts Meeting Minutes May 17, 2017

President Suzan Strobel called the meeting to order at 9:30 with a thank you for Geri Ward, Linda Williams, Louise Payovich, and Diane Greenwood for bringing refreshments and Priscilla Westesen for making the coffee. Suzan asked for someone to volunteer to help Priscilla with the coffee next year.

New member Dan Gerken introduced himself.

Ferna Surdahl passed around a sign-up sheet for people to hang work at the Bozeman Senior Center June, July, and August. Helen Donovan talked about the upcoming paint-outs, thinking of holding some on Mondays and asked for ideas that members might have for places to paint. Peggy Ryan announced that she is going to the Philippines the first two weeks in September to teach art at an orphanage and would like to have someone go with her. The cost would be about $1800. Contact her if interested. Pat Hamline said she has been in contact with silk painter Julie Wulf who might be interested in putting on a workshop here in Bozeman in fall or early spring. Pat asked that people let her know if interested.
Teresa Kelly-Tagas has taken over the website and will put the paint-out schedule and the minutes of the meeting on the website when finalized.

Suzan said that we have a full slate of officer to propose for next year. After the nomination was approved and seconded, a unanimous vote elected the following officers:
President—Eileen Kenney
Vice Presidents—Suzan Strobel and Linda Williams
Secretary—Cheryl Genovese
Treasurer—Shirley Elliott

Heather CromwellFollowing a brief refreshment break, Suzan introduced our speaker Heather Cromwell. Heather is a visual artist living and working in the Northwest, splitting her time between Seattle and Bozeman. Her prior professional career spanned many years in the graphic design and architecture professions in New York City and Seattle. Currently, she works in a variety of mediums while utilizing organic and geometric shapes to explore spatial relationships in a landscape of abstraction.nocturnal-travels - Heather Cromwell

Heather talked about her transition from graphic design to visual arts. She grew up in New Hampshire where she learned to intimately observe nature. She received a BFA from Pratt Institute in New York, moved to Seattle where she had a building block line, and then received an architecture degree. She described with her slide presentation three projects she had done: addition of a second floor to an arts and craft house, design of a 7-structure island compound on Decatur Island, and creation of an urban oasis in a Federal style Seattle home. She then took classes and workshops in the fine arts to learn the traditional nocturnal-travels – Heather Cromwell oil painting techniques. Heather described a couple of pivotal moments that impacted her work and career such as working with SURGE connecting environmental concerns with an abstract presentation.

Finally, Heather said that observation was most important followed by taking risks, pursuing beauty, addressing fears, living positively, and learning from the best. Following her very interesting and visually stimulating presentation, members were able to view some of Heather’s work. The meeting was adjourned for members to Clyde Aspevig’s beautiful studio and a gallery talk from him.

Respectfully submitted,

Cher Genovese
colorstudypg012017_orig - Heather Cromwell   estuariesandalluvials-detail_orig- Heather Cromwell

Inspiration And Influence - Heather Cromwell Pivotal Moments - Heather Cromwell


Here are a few photos from our visit to Clyde Aspevig’s gallery/studio.

Clyde Aspevig         Group at Clyde Aspevig studio

Clyde Aspevig -painting2        Clyde Aspevig -painting1