Erin Graf called the meeting to order and explained that she would be filling out the term of president this year.

She reminded members to check out the exhibit in the atrium at the library. It features the local group the BeeClectics, many of whom are members of SMArts and it will be up through February.

Erin welcomed guests and invited them to introduce themselves. These included William and Sonja Stebe and Jake and Janie Gaedke.

Next she alerted members to the excellent exhibition opening on Thursday, March 22nd at the Yellowstone Art Museum in Billings. It is entitled “Emil Carlsen: Conscious Painting” and is touring America, with its first stop being in Billings. It is on exhibition until July 8th. In conjunction with the Carlsen exhibition is an exhibit by Clyde Aspevig, whose studio our members visited last year. Clyde had a number of Carlsens in his collection and is a great admirer. Please put this on your calendar.

Member Melissa Summerfield asked for people interested in being a docent at the Emerson and described upcoming programs there.

The January challenge was winter motion. Eight members brought works to share including paintings, wall hangings, and a Swiss folk hat. The challenge for February is “patterns” which can be a repetition of a pattern in a landscape or still life or a work that features a definite pattern such as lace.

Erin then thanked Suzan Strobel for the refreshments and Priscilla Westesen for the coffee.

Following a ten-minute break for refreshments and socializing, Erin introduced the day’s presenter Howard Friedland. She mentioned that he is a

Howard Friedland teaching at Southwest Montana Arts meeting

graduate of the high school of Music and Art and Cooper Union in New York. Oil Painters of America inducted Howard as a Signature Member in 2003 and this year he was awarded Master status. He has been featured in American Artist Magazine and the Master Painters of the World section of International Artists Magazine. His work is regularly selected for the C M Russell Museum Auction and Exhibition in Great Falls, MT. He has painted, taught and exhibited in France, Italy, England, Spain, and Portugal and in six U S states.

Howard demonstrated an oil painting stressing value first and color second. He described his kit that he uses when he’s outdoors. He first does a thumbnail sketch to remind him of the values that caught his eyes without chasing the light. For a photograph, he puts an acrylic sheet over the photo and grids both it and the canvas. He uses art gloves available at His first step is to establish the horizon line and then roughly paint in shapes with one color. He follows this with a larger brush and begins to block in some colors, starting with the darkest value—in this case the trees. He said to squint at the reference because squinting pulls things together and gives you shapes and values more clearly. He then proceeded to the next darkest value, mountain shadows, and onward to the lightest, the sky. Howard said the darkest cool blue is at the top of the sky and gets warmer and lighter as it nears the horizon. Reflected water is closer to the horizon. He worked from the darkest to the lightest values to cover the canvas. Following this, he can put in the details and highlights. Howard’s palette consisted of cad lemon yellow, cad yellow medium, cad orange, cad red light, and alizarin crimson—all warm colors at the top of the palette. His cools were violet, ultramarine blue, cobalt blue, cerulean blue, and viridian green along the left side. He also had burnt sienna, yellow ochre, and burnt umber.

During a break Howard and Susan, his wife, described some of the programs they are offering including painting trips to Croatia and to New Zealand. They distributed flyers that described these and other opportunities.

Following the break, Howard continued to fine tune his painting.

The meeting adjourned at 11:45.

Cheryl Genovese,

Secretary SMArts

Howard Friedland featured guest - painting mountain sceneHoward Friedland featured guest - demo painting mountain sceneHoward Friedland Howard Friedland featured guest and members