President Erin Graff welcomed members and visitors.  She reminded members that the Charlie Russell event will be in Great Falls from March 15-17.  Also, she said that an exhibition would be opening on Thursday, March 22, at the Yellowstone Art Museum in Billings entitled “Emil Carlsen: Conscious Painting.”  This is touring America with its first stop in Billings and will be on exhibit until July 8.  In conjunction with this exhibit will be a Clyde Aspevig who was a great admirer of Carlsen and has a number of Carlsen’s paintings in his collection.

Erin also announced that the Bozeman Art Museum is sponsoring a workshop by Timothy Cunningham from Vermont from July 9–12.  This is a four day plein air workshop and interested people should contact Linda Williams.  The Museum is also working on a fall workshop with Carolyn Anderson, a world renown painter from rural Montana.  There will also be a series of 3 lectures at the Museum of the Rockies, spearheaded by Steve Johnson, with subjects and presenters to be announced later.  Finally, the Museum is looking for volunteers to teach in the BAM program in the fall or help with programming.

Cheryl Genovese announced a combined informational meeting of the Daughters of the American Revolution and the Sons of the American Revolution to be held at the library on Saturday, March 31, at 1:00.  The purpose of the meeting is to become acquainted with these organizations and to begin to search for your American Revolutionary ancestor.

Teresa Kelly-Targas asked for members to submit new works for the webpage, and Erin added that members could share their works on facebook.

Erin thanked Mary DuBois, Jan Elpel, and Margaret Bach for the goodies and Priscilla Westesen for the coffee and tea and said that Marcia Wendel will be the March speaker.

Show and tell featured patterns with 5 members showing works including their interpretations of patterns in art.  Cheryl Genovese invited members to use the topic of “Dominant Color” for the March challenge which can include any media or form.

Following a break for refreshments and camaraderie, Erin introduced our speaker Carl Sheehan.

Carl Sheehan explaining his process
Carl Sheehan explaining his process

He is a graduate of Montana State University, a professional ceramicist, and the resident/visiting potter at Yellowstone National Park for over 30 years.  Carl will be at the Old Faithful Inn from June 19-22, August 21-24, and September 18-21 this year.

Each piece from his Fire Hole Pottery is individually hand crafted and glazed utilizing a palette of color inspired by his love of the Rocky Mountain West and Yellowstone National Park.

Carl Sheehan - scenic vase
Carl Sheehan – scenic vase

Mountains decorate much of his pottery. His glazes, put on with small aspirators, often are a distinctive shade of blue and green. He usually puts six layers of glazes on his pieces and fires his work twice. His pottery prices range from $16 for spoon rests, $20 for coffee cups up to $300 to $400 for vases decorated with bison.

Carl began his talk, complete with slides, by introducing his daughter Emily and her husband Gilbert, who are visiting.  He said that he learned how to use the Cloud for this presentation.  He began the presentation about his journey as a ceramicist with a quote about creativity.  “I believe the creative spirit in us lets us become more human.  The driving creative spirit is essential to the human condition.”  He also quoted Longfellow.

He described his rowdy high school years in Minnesota and credited his art teacher with channeling his energy into pottery.  He was in the Marine Corps during the VietNam War and continued his work in ceramics during that time. Following this service, he went to university in Minnesota and graduated from MSU in 1977.  He was working at the Ketterer Arts Center in Bozeman when a concessionaire from Yellowstone saw his work, and the rest is history.

For more information about Carl Sheehan and pictures of his work, visit his website

Carl Sheehan - Old Failful Vase
Carl Sheehan – Old Failful Vase
Carl Sheehan - select works
Carl Sheehan – select works







Respectfully submitted,

Cher Genovese, Secretary